Mint Your Voter Pass.

Event Horizon Genesis Voter Pass

Early Access

The Event Horizon Genesis Voter Pass is a free, soul-bound NFT which will be used during Event Horizon’s pilot testing to allow the community to take part in Event Horizon’s early governance proposals. The pass is non-transferable and holds no monetary value. Though it will serve as a momento to the genesis launch of event horizon and will be considered for future access considerations.

Free Mint & No-Cost Governance Authority

On a regular basis, Event Horizon will participate in the governance proposals of several major DAOs. At no cost, Genesis Voter Pass holding wallets will be eligible to cast one vote as to how Event Horizon should mobilize its treasury so long as the block upon which the Voter Pass was minted is earlier than the snapshot of the proposal being voted on.

Voting Authority

Have Your Voice Heard, Stake Your Claim

Event Horizion Voter pass holders will be able to determine how the Event Horizon’s voting authority is used in other DAOs during upcoming proposals